Microgaming’s Fruit Machine Slots

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Those who’ve been playing online slots for a number of years will be well aware that the vast majority are similar to the games available at bricks and mortar casinos. Some are direct copies of the games that line the corridors of the casinos while others are new creations; they all play in a similar manner though – five reels, many paylines and usually a bonus feature.

That’s all good but if you’re from the UK you’re probably used to playing fruit machines; those flashing objects in the corners of pubs, cafes and chip shops which take your money and occasionally pay out. These are essentially different animals and usually feature only three reels and a single payline but also extras such as nudges, holds and number trails to keep the punter playing.

The number trail is often the main draw and requires the player to light up a sequence which will lead to another feature. Nudges are randomly awarded and allow the player to jog down single reels with the aim of collecting numbers of matching symbols. Holds are also randomly given out and let the player freeze any or all of the reels if that is to their advantage.

You can read more about why there’s a difference between slots and fruit machines here.

So for us UK players there’s defiantly a market for online versions of fruit machines and this is where Microgaming leads the way. This company has made a real effort to design a range of games which will appeal to the pub-goer who’s preference is to play fruit machines.

We’ve reviewed a number of these games recently and you can check out what we think of them by checking out the list below. Some are of course better than others but all feature those good old nudges and holds which require the player to use a bit of strategy to accomplish a task, whether that’s to create a winning combo or to collect numbers which will complete that number trail.

Microgaming’s Fruit Machine Slots

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