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The name for these virtual one-armed bandits differs around the world – we might call them ‘Fruit Machines’ here in the UK or ‘Pokies’ in Australia but essentially we’re referring to the same thing. Whether you’re playing online or offline, you pop in a few real or virtual coins, spin the reels and watch as the symbols line up for a well-deserved payout.

These amazing games have been a part of our gaming lives since internet speeds improved to the point where it became possible to deliver a great gaming experience into our homes through our computers.  Those two decades have flown by and now, as well as our laptops and desktop computers, we can access mobile casinos on our smartphones, tablets and every screen size in-between.

Now there are thousands of different games out there on the internet and many different websites at which to experience them.  Whether you want to spend just a few pence every now and again or whether you’re a big fish who likes to go for the big bucks, there’s an option for you. Even if you’re the most careful of cautious gamblers there are chances to win vast sums of money with the progressive jackpots. Progressive machines skim a few percentages from every credit and build a prize up which eventually gets claimed by one lucky punter; these frequently measure in the millions of pounds.

On this site you’ll find reviews of the best machines and where you can find them online.  All our recommended sites comply with the strictest gaming regulations so you can invest your stake with confidence.

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