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This page is the place to start if you’ve read enough of our introductory guides and now want to know a bit more about the nuts and bolts of playing online slots.  All our articles on this subject are listed below and include posts on subjects ranging from where to find and play free slots to an in-depth look at jackpots.

  1. How To Win Jackpots
  2. Play Online Slots For Fun
  3. Play Online Slots For Real Money
  4. How To Trigger Bonus Features
  5. How To Use Nudges & Holds
  6. How To Play Gamble Features

Playing online slots is arguably more than just gambling and it’s more than an arcade game; those who’ve never pulled the lever of a one-armed bandit, selected all the lines on a Australian pokie or nudged the bells down on a fruit machine may never be aware of the appeal of these machines.

Online or offline it’s the same – we play these games because they’re fun, but we also play them because  there’s a chance that we might win some money.  Over time of course the theoretical return to the player suggests that you will only get back part of the money you spend but we all know from experience that big wins do happen.  We also know that gigantic wins happen as well – those huge progressive jackpot prizes can result in life-changing amounts of money for lucky punters.

So why do those big winners carry on playing slots?  Not for the money that’s for sure – they keep on because they just like spinning the reels.  Of course they can risk some slightly bigger stakes now.

Playing slots is not an investment of course; if that’s what you’re looking for then stocks and shares, property and precious metals are probably a safer long term bet.  But those things are no fun, they don’t come with bonus features and mini-games and they don’t stir up the same levels of adrenaline as online slots.

These days playing slots is easier than ever; just fire up the app on your mobile or tablet and spin the reels wherever you are.  There’s a whole new world of online slots out there so make sure you don’t miss out.