Top Five Slots

Online and offline slots can be split up into many different genres; to the non-slots fan they may all look pretty similar if you’re squinting from a distance but wander a but closer to the iPad or laptop screen and you’ll notice the differences.

There are many slots developers and between them they release a lot of games and for that reason there’s always the necessity to find the new and exciting theme which will entice us to spend our money.

We’ve played many, many slots over the years and that’s given us plenty of time to work out which are our favourite themes and within that theme our favourites slots. Check out the categories below and click the link to view it in more details.

Alice Slots
Animal Slots

Candy Slots
Christmas Slots
Cowboy Slots
Crime Slots
Cutest Slots
Egyptian Slots
Fairytale Slots
Farming Slots
Famous People
Film & TV Slots
Fish Slots
Fruit Slots
Funny Slots
Gods Slots
Horror Slots
Irish Slots
Mediaeval Slots
Medical Slots
Mining Slots
Monopoly Slots
Oriental Slots
Pirate Slots
Pub Slots
Robin Hood Slots
Sexiest Slots
Sci-Fi Slots
Sports Slots
Superhero Slots
War Slots

So what do we regard as a compelling online slot?  Often it’s difficult to tell until you play the slot itself; it may have great graphics and a funky soundtrack but it could be missing that one small element which elevates it to ‘favourite’ status.

Of course we’re looking for a combination of everything – great graphics, innovative bonus features, humour, sound effects and even the choice of betting amounts.  A top quality slot is occasionally more than the sum of it’s parts and those games stand out as soon as you spin the reels for the first time.



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