Top Five Horror Slots

The horror genre has never been more popular than it is at the moment; the past ten years have assailed us with an endless horde of zombie movies, survival horror films such as Saw and Hostel and some niche vampire flicks such as Blade and Underworld.

Online slots developers have been quick to make the most of the popularity of this genre and below we present five of the best horror-themed slots we’ve encountered.

A Nightmare On Elm Street is so scary it comes with an 18 certificate; based on the dream-stalking exploits of Freddy Krueger it should be played with the lights turned down and the sound turned up. Click here for the full review.
Zombies has a great bonus feature which involves gunning down waves of the undead is the high point of this Net Ent slot but the high quality, blood spattered nature of the game tells it's own story. Click here for the full review.
Bloodsuckers There's always space for a vampire-themed slot and this is another horror slot from Net Entertainment; all the vampire accoutrements are here - stakes, garlic and the like - and the bonus game gives you a chance to skewer a baddie. Click here for the full review.
Twisted Circus fits into our horror top five because of the grotesque nature of it's theme; it's a genuinely scary circus featuring all manner of freaks and weirdos and the creepy music only adds to the atmosphere. Click here for the full review.
Halloween Fortune is the one cheery slot in a list of macabre ones; the theme is Halloween but it's more fun than frights so there are no nasty surprises waiting for you should you give it a go. Click here for the full review.