Top Five Sexiest Slots

Sex sells of course and the online slots industry is no different in that regard; rare is the player who doesn’t appreciate the toned curves of the opposite sex (and occasionally the same sex) while they’re spinning the reels.

Below we’ve picked out five of the sexiest slots of all time; there’s something here for everyone whatever your preference and of course the slots are fun to play as well. We wouldn’t just pick out those games with the foxiest characters – these choices have some great graphics and some equally sexy bonus features.

Benchwarmers Football Girls from Playtech claims it's subject is football but really it's more of an opportunity to showcase an international cast of girls all clutching various football. We're not complaining though and there's a couple of bonus features to complement the ladies. Click here for the full review.
Sweet Harvest is a five reel and twenty payline slot from Microgaming revolving around the farmer, his harvest and his irate attempts to stop his voluptuous daughter cavorting with the hired help. Quite possible a Benny Hill-inspired slot. Click here for the full review.
Playboy from Microgaming takes us to Hugh Heffner's Playboy mansion for a glimpse of that fantasy lifestyle. The bonuses are based on four of the featured girls and you'll unlock each bonus as you play through the game. Some excellent graphics here. Click here for the full review.
Girls With Guns seemingly owes a debt to Charlie's Angels and it features a number of scantily clad female weapons experts in a steamy jungle location. It's also from Microgaming and it features a variety of bonus games which expertly show off the girl's outfits. Click here for the full review.
Chippendales from Playtech is clearly one for the ladies and features the famous male strippers in various states of undress. Include them in winning combos and the clothes will drop off! Click here for the full review.

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