Top Five Cutest Slots

Cute characters and online slots make an obvious match and many slots developers have realised that if you include some well designed little creatures in a game, it will appeal to a very wide demographic.

There’s some crossover with our top five animal slots but just because there’s an animal involved doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cute; similarly it’s not just animals that can be cute – the Alien Robots slot fits the bill perfectly and when you read the review you’ll see why.

Panda Manga is a slot we referred to as 'ridiculously cute' in our review and it brings the Japanese manga style of art to it's five reels and twenty five paylines. The Japanese music is the icing on the cake. Click here for the full review.
Kitty Glitter is a five reel and thirty payline slot which we maintain is cute unless you're not a cat lover. Dog lovers may disagree but these pampered moggies have a certain feline charm - the game is fun as well. Click here for the full review.
Fruit Case answers the question "can fruit be cute?" with a resounding 'yes'. Watch as a variety of fruity characters are turned into jam and enjoy the numerous and innovative bonus features. Click here for the full review.
Our review called Pet's Pay Day 'impossibly cute' and it's a game for cat and dog lovers. It almost transcends cute to arrive at cheesy but just about stays the right side of the line. Click here for the full review.
Alien Robots is our non-animal entry into cutest top five and it's well-deserving of it's position. Some of the robots do in fact look like animals and these characters and the soundtrack add up to a charming slots experience. Click here for the full review.

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