Top Five Funny Slots

This is one of our favourite categories and there’s a certain art in developing an online slot which is compelling and funny at the same time.  These five slots manage it easily although three of them – Viz, Spamalot and Banzai – are based on pre-existing subjects so the comedy material was already there.

Nonetheless, if it makes you laugh, it makes you laugh and that’s all that matters as far as we’re concerned.  Read on and check out come of the most entertaining slots you’ll ever play.

Viz is of course a tribute to the legendary British adult comic which provided popular culture with The Fat Slags, Student Grant and the Modern Parents among others; a number of the characters are brought to life here, each with their own bonus game. Click here for the full review.
Spamalot is based on the stage musical of the same name which is turn based on Monty Python & the Holy Grail, one of funniest British films of all time. There's loads of bonus features and a progressive jackpot. Click here for the full review.
Piggies & the Wolf is funny in an almost unintentional way; great graphics and a creative retelling of the The Three Little Pigs means this Playtech slot should not be missed. Click here for the full review.
Sweet Harvest also makes our list of sexiest slots; it's a great game which involves some Benny Hill-like sequences as the farmer tries to keep his amply-proportioned daughter away from the hired help. Click here for the full review.
Banzai was a cult classic television show which is sadly no longer with us; viewers would bet on ridiculous and funny propositions and lots of the characters from the show are included in this slot. Check it out. Click here for the full review.

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