Payout Percentage Guide

If you’re an online slots fan it’s pretty likely that eventually you’ll delve deeper into the rules, terms and conditions surrounding your favourite slot; you can usually access this by clicking the very small question mark symbol which will be locates somewhere just to the side of the reels.  Now when you’re reading his information sooner or later you’ll come across what is known as the payout percentage.  In the following article we’re going to explain exactly what the payout percentage is and why it’s a good idea to check it every so often.

The payout percentage is also occasionally known as the theoretical percentage return to player (sometimes shortened to RTP by some developers). In very simple terms the payout percentage is the percentage the slot machine will return to the player over a given amount of time.

For example, if the payout percentage is 95% then this would mean that for every £100 a player puts into a slot machine, he or she would get £95 back.  The other £5 goes to the house or the operator of the slot. That’s a very simplistic way of looking at the subject though and there’s no point viewing a session on an online or offline slot machine as a way of playing with only a small loss over time.

It’s necessary to view the length of time over which the payout percentages are calculated over a much longer period; 10,000 or 100,000 spins would be a common measurement and within those spins the percentage amount the slot pays out will rise and fall.  This may seem odd but as long as the percentage remains steady when calculated throughout those spins then it’s the correct figure.

As far as offline slots, pokies and fruit machines go, various locations around the world have minimum payout percentages; in the United States it’s 75% in Nevada, 83% in New Jersey and 80% in Mississippi.  Over here in the UK there is no legal minimum percentage but there is a legal requirement to display that figure on the machine.  This helps to promote high percentages because no-one’s going to play a slot with a rate that’s too low.

Online the percentage returns tend to be about 95% and that compares pretty well to offline slots.  Most machines will display their percentages as mentioned above but occasionally the online casino will display an overall return for all of their games.

Hopefully it goes without saying that all the casinos we recommend conform to the very best standards and comply with all the necessary regulations laid down by their licensing authority. It’s also important to note that some developers allow casinos to set their own RTPs for particular games within certain limits so it’s possible to find the same slot at different casinos with a different Return to Player.


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