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fremantle mediaIf you’ve watched some of the most popular television shows of recent years then you’ve almost certainly enjoyed some of the output of FremantleMedia. The X Factor is one of their productions, as is Britain’s Got Talent, Take Me Out and Grand Designs so arguably there’s something there for everyone. It’s a global company, one of the biggest of it’s type in the world and many of their shows play in numerous locations and languages.

FremantleMedia is headquartered in London and is itself a part of the giant Bertelsmann RTL Group.

FremantleMedia also has a digital division who’s task it is to convert some of those famous brands into games and other entertainment for various platforms and this is of course the bit we’re interested in. For several years this area of the organisation has been taking the theme’s of it’s television shows and converting them into online slots.

All slots fans will have seen and played plenty of games before which purport to be based on television shows of the past and present and while some are certainly enjoyable, many are decidedly average and produced by companies apparently trying to cash in on a popular show.

Fremantle’s games, in our experience, are a cut above many of the others – they look great and accurately capture the atmosphere of the television shows. The sound effects and other audio effects are often lifted directly from the shows and this can have a really immersive effect on the player.

Where these games really stand out is in the bonus features; each one is a well though out version of what happens on the television screen. Family Fortunes is a good example; trigger one of the features by landing the correct scatter symbols and you will get to play the classic quiz game, trying to pick the most popular answers from a set of six. The second feature is a free spins round which includes the famous red cross, three of which will end your bonus.

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