The Guru’s Inside View

If you’ve read all our beginner’s guides then it’s probably time to move on to some more in-depth articles.  This page contains the Guru’s occasional blog posts covering subjects more suited to regular online slots players.  These include subjects relating to individual software developers and the way their slots work, the drawbacks of particular online casinos and any significant industry news.

  1. Microgaming’s Respin Feature – why you should use it with care.
  2. Best Time To Play Slots Online.
  3. Progressive Jackpots – why you should avoid certain casinos.
  4. IGT’s dualPLAY Feature
  5. NextGen Superbet Feature
  6. Betting Systems & Online Slots
  7. Playing For Profit Or Entertainment
  8. What Is Quickfire?
  9. The Psychology Of Slot Machines
  10. Slot Machine Sounds
  11. What Is Slots Variance?
  12. High Variance
  13. Low Variance
  14. Medium Variance
  15. Slots Betting Strategies
  16. What Is ProgressPlay?
  17. Who Owns Who?

Many casual players will rightly feel that it’s not altogether necessary to know everything there is to know about the intricacies of the way the game’s work and this view is entirely understandable.  After all why should you really care about the minutiae of a new respin feature from Microgaming or the idiosyncratic payline structures offered by IGT?

Of course you don’t have to care – playing slots is not something which should require revision or much in the way of instruction before you play them; we just want to deposit some money, fire up one of our favourite slots and spin the reels.  We might even win some money in the process.

These articles are here for when you come across that new slot and are not quite sure how it works, or want to know which casinos pay out progressive jackpots in one big hit and which will pay it out in monthly instalments, or in fact any number of other issues that arise out of left field from time to time.

So bookmark this page and check back regularly for updates as we add new helpful articles and blog posts to the list. If there are any particular subjects you’d like to know more about just let us know and we’ll use our combined knowledge to put an informative article together.