NextGen Superbet

nextgen superbetEvery so often an online slots developer will come up with a new way to tempt players into parting with more money; recently we’ve written an article about Microgaming’s respin feature which gives you the chance to hold certain reels for the next spin for a cost which is proportional to the potential payout.  Many developers also like to lure punters into gambling their most recent win by including the option to wager it by playing an extra mini-game.

NextGen Gaming now have something similar to lure optimistic players into parting with more money than they might otherwise have done. It’s called Superbet and it’s a base game option which allows the player to increase their potential payouts by adding an extra bet to the stake. The extra amount is a multiple of your line stake and can increase your payouts as follows but only if that winning combo includes a wild:

  • 50x line stake – multiplies payout by 2x
  • 100x line stake – multiplies payout by 4x
  • 200x line stake – multiplies payout by 6x
  • 250x line stake – multiplies payout by 8x
  • 300x line stake – multiplies payout by 10x

It’s very easy to use this feature – just click on the appropriate multiplier above the flashing Superbet logo and you will see your total bet adjusted accordingly in the relevant box. If you want to avoid temptation just click that logo and the multipliers will shrink down and disappear, removing it from your sight.

Of course whether or not you opt to use the Superbet feature, the theoretical return to the player will remain the same so it could be argued that proportionately you will not be losing (or winning) any more money.

In this way it is not as much of a drain on your bankroll as Microgaming’s respin or the post-win gamble feature but you should be prepared to wager some larger amounts if you want to take part. With a minimum line bet of $0.01 on a game such as Merlin’s Millions, a Superbet of a 10x multiplier will increase that stake to a hefty $3.50 so use this feature with care. A $0.50 line bet on the 50 fixed paylines means a total wager of $175.00.