What Is Quickfire?


Anyone who’s been playing online slots for any length of time will definitely have noticed a certain logo flash across the screen when a game is loading. It’s the Quickfire logo and it’s especially obvious with many Microgaming releases but it’s not limited to them alone. Read on to find out what Quickfire is and why it’s so popular.

Quickfire was launched in 2010 and is actually powered by Microgaming; it’s a development platform which allows online casinos access to that company’s offerings. It’s designed to be relatively easy to integrate with third party systems and once that’s complete, anything developed using the Quickfire platform will be available to license should that casino want it.

More observant players will also have noticed that it’s not only Microgaming slots which feature the Quickfire logo as the game is loading up and this is because many other developers work in partnership with Quickfire. Rabcat and and Sheriff Gaming, for example, provide 3D and animated content while companies such as NextGen Gaming and Blueprint are able to release high quality games using the platform.

Quickfire is not just confined to online slots either – Bingo and Poker are also developed on the platform and it’s now possible to access well over 400 games at more than 100 online casinos. The company estimates that more than 20,000 players make a combined 50,000,000 bets every day so this is a piece of technology that has to be both scalable and reliable.

The Quickfire mobile platform is a more recent innovation; launched in August 2012 it was set up to take advantage of the increase in mobile usage and now offers more than twenty mobile games based on the HTML5 standard. Mobile is an increasingly vital part of the online gaming business and Quickfire is at the forefront of this industry.

That’s the basics then; this isn’t supposed to be an advert for Quickfire but just a brief explanation of why we see it’s logo flash across the screen so often.

External Link: https://www.quickfiregames.co.uk/