igt dualplay

IGT is the largest gaming software company in the world and consequently has plenty of resources available to innovate in the field on online slots.  Innovation and creativity is always a good thing in any field and it’s particularly important for those who like to spend money spinning the reels.  It’s easy to get bored playing the same games with same features and that’s why this dualPLAY feature can add some welcome change to the proceedings.

This feature only occurs on some of IGT’s slots – check out Masques of San Marco to see it in action – and it certainly provides something different.

Games with dualPlay have a 6 x 6 grid or symbols rather than the more standard payline structures. That grid is then split into two halves with 6 x 3 grids at the top and bottom.  In the case of Masques of San Marco this means that there are twenty paylines in the top half and twenty in the bottom.

These are not treated as separate screen though and although paylines will not cross the divide, the collapsing reels feature means that when symbols match to make a winning combo, they will disappear and that space replaced by more symbols dropping from above.  So if you make a match in the bottom half, symbols will drop down from the top half, crossing the dividing line.

Things get more interesting when you trigger the free spins bonus of one of the dualPLAY games – you will now se that when you kick that round off, another twenty paylines are added to the mix and these ones do cross the half way line.  Masques of San Marco now has sixty active lines rather than just forty which makes the free spins even more lucrative than they otherwise would have been.

Check out dualPLAY in action: