Winner Virtual Tennis

winner-virtual-tennisWhile tennis may be a dynamic, exciting sport to some, it’s a posh hobby to others but either way it’s an opportunity to lay a few bets and hope for a profitable outcome. With Winner Casino’s Virtual Sports you can now place wagers on this game at any tie of the day or night. Virtual Tennis is a constantly running stream of computer-generated short matches and it’s explained in more detail below.

Virtual Tennis Betting

You can access Virtual Tennis by clicking on the ‘Virtual’ tab on the main Winner Casino screen and then using the slider below to scroll along to the tennis. Click on it and you’ll see a countdown timer to the next match, a game underway or a form guide and betting options for the upcoming game.

The betting form is very simple and that’s because you only have a matter of minutes in between games to study the form and get you bets laid; you can bet on the overall winner, the exact score of the single game that’s played and the total points played.

Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy one game of tennis between two fictional players; the graphics are very realistic and there’s some excellent tennis commentary to fill you in all the action.

When it’s all over you can mourn your loss or celebrate your win before diving back into the action, studying the form and placing some more bets – you know it makes sense!

Virtual Tennis is an ideal way have a brief punt on this game and it’s an excellent addition to Winner’s Virtual Sports lineup – check out some action in the video below.

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