Winner Virtual Horse Racing

winner-virtual-horsesMost of us enjoy a day at the races but there are those times when you’d rather stay indoors and place a few bets in the comfort of your own home; now you can do both by visiting Winner Casino’s suite of virtual sports. No rain, no traffic, no big crowds – just 24 hour races at your fingertips.

Navigate to the gee gees by clicking on the ‘Virtual’ tab at the top of the screen and then using the slider underneath to get to the ‘Virtual Horse Racing’. You’ll see a race already in progress or a countdown timer and some betting options for the next event.

Virtual Horse Betting

The time to place your bets is obviously the short period in between races; each event is over relatively quickly and then you’ll have a bit less than four minutes to lay some wagers. Betting is necessarily simple because of the time available and you can select winners and each way finishes, forecasts and tricasts (the finishing orders). There’s a form guide available on-screen which should help inform your choices – perhaps you have a greater tolerance to risk.

Once your bets have been placed it’s time to sit back and enjoy the action, complete with excitable horse racing commentary all the way to finish line. All the races take place at the fictional Playford course.

When the race has finished you will either be celebrating or complaining about the poor performance of your horse but either way you can jump straight back into the action and get some more bets down before the next race starts.

Virtual Horse Racing is a good way to get your betting fix if time is short; the computer generated graphics are very realistic and the action never stops.

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