Winner Virtual Speedway

winner-virtual-speedwaySpeedway is an underrated but extremely exciting motorsport which probably doesn’t get the television airtime it deserves; it’s also true that there may not be a track anywhere near where you live but that doesn’t matter anymore because with Virtual Speedway you can watch and wager on a 24/7 stream of short races at Winner Casino.

Virtual Speedway Betting

Navigate to your destination by clicking the ‘Virtual’ tab on the main screen and then locating Virtual Speedway on the slider which appears below. On the slider there’s a countdown timer to the next race and in the screen below you’ll see a race already underway or a form guide to the next one; below that is the betting form which a selection of bets.

The betting options are necessarily simple because you only get three minutes to place them; you can choose the outright winner from the four riders or the forecast which is a prediction of the finishing order for the first two places.

Once your bets have been placed it’s time for the fun bit where you sit back and watch the speedway race unfold; it’s the usual dirt-spraying, undertaking action and it’s complemented by some realistic sounding commentary. As with other virtual sports the graphics are very realistic and something to be admired.

When the race is finished you’ll be paid your winnings or left to consider your losses but the good news is that you can jump straight back in, study the form guide and place some more bets – there’s another race just a matter of minutes away.

Virtual Speedway is very good fun – it’s very realistic and a one of the best virtual sports available at Winner Casino – give it a go! Check out some speedway action below.

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