Winner Virtual Greyhounds

winner-virtual-greyhoundsA night at the dog track is certainly something to be experienced every now and again but if you’re after the betting action rather than the beer and the fast food then we may have an alternative for you. Virtual Greyhound Racing is a constantly running set of computer generated events and it’s explained in detail below.

Navigate to the ‘Virtual’ tab near the top of the Winner Casino website and then find the greyhounds in the slider just below the menu area; you’ll now see a short race already underway and a countdown timer to the next race or a form guide to the next race.

Virtual Greyhound Betting

The races are all very short and there’s never long to wait until the next one (about three minutes) but there’s enough time to study the basic form guide on the screen and then to place some wagers. Betting options are simpler here than some other virtual sports and you only have a choice of the outright winner or an each-way bet.

Now it’s time to wait for the race to start and watch the dogs fly out of the traps and round the track at high speed along with some appropriately excitable commentary.

When the race has finished it’s hopefully time to collect your winnings or dive back into the betting process to recover whatever you lost last time out. You don’t have to bet at all if you don’t want to – you can just watch race after race of very fast dogs for free.

Virtual Greyhound Racing is a nice addition to Winner’s lineup of virtual sports and it’s well worth checking out – the graphics are amazing and the only thing missing is a crappy burger and some overpriced booze.

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