Wheel of Light Review

wheel of light slot review

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We mainly concentrate on online slot machines on this website but occasionally even we get slightly hypnotised by the spinning reels and feel like it’s time for a break.  Fortunately you don’t need to lie down or read a book, you can just switch to a more low-key game such as Wheel of Light.

Wheel of Light is a Playtech production which could be described as a cross between Wheel of Fortune and Roulette; it’s a bright and colourful diversion with a soothing soundtrack which is ideal if you’ve been spinning the reels all morning.

When you first fire up the game you’re presented with a screen with a futuristic red background; the wheel appears on the left, betting chips are in the middle and on the right is a big yellow button to start the spin.

The wheel itself is similar to a high tech roulette wheel but with fewer numbers – this wheel has just 0 – 30 displayed and all the other best are based on those numbers.  Chips are valued at €0.20, €1, €5 and €25 and you can place any combination of chips on any bet with a maximum bet per spin of €1000 The bets are placed in the centre of the wheel and are as follows from the centre:

Hi, Lo, Even, Odd

Odd and Even bets are pretty self-explanatory; the high and low bets refer to numbers 1 – 15 and 16 – 30 and all bets here pay 2x your stake.

Sets of Numbers

Here the 30 numbers are divided into sets of five – 1 – 5, 6 – 13, 14 – 16, 17 – 23 and 24 – 30.The odds differ depending on which option you pick.

Coloured Sectors

The next ring offers the chance to bet on sections delineated by colours of different sizes.  The red sector contains 4 numbers and pays 7.5x your stake, green is 5 numbers and 6x, blue is 6 numbers and 4.28x and orange is 14 numbers and 2.14x.

Single Numbers

Finally the outer ring is where you can place a bet on a single number and if you’re lucky enough to hit that then you’ll win 30x your stake.

Wheel of Light is a interesting game, especially for roulette fans and it might also be an opportunity to try out that martingale system you’ve been reading about.  €0.20 is the minimum stake while €25.00 is the largest.

Game:Wheel of Light
Type:Arcade Slot
Bet Per Line:€0.20 - €25.00
Betting Range:€0.20 - €1000
Coins Jackpot:n/a
Bonus Game:No
Free Spins:No


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