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In this article we’re going to introduce the Autoplay feature, what it does and why it can be an time-saving feature for players whether you like free play slots, low or high value slots or, like us,  review them.

autoplay button

The Autoplay button on Dr. Magoo’s Adventure

We’re always a little disappointed when a slot machine doesn’t offer an Autoplay feature; essentially it’s a way of setting the game to spin a certain number of times without you having to continually press the ‘spin’ button.  The Autoplay button will usually be located adjacent to the ‘spin’ button and when you press it you’ll be given a set of options along the lines of 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 spins.

Autoplay is a useful feature for several reasons:

  • many players just don’t want to repeatedly press the ‘spin’ button every time they’d like to spin the reels and it gives your mouse finger a break from the repetitive clicking necessary.  We’re not suggesting that you’ll get RSI if you don’t use Autoplay but better safe than sorry.
  • using Autoplay is a good way to limit your spending to a certain amount – let’s say you want to spend £10, you could set the Autoplay to 100 spins at £0.10.  Of course if you win you’ll need to recalculate but that’s a good thing!
  • many players choose to play more than one slot at the same time and it’s a facility that online casinos are quite happy to offer.  You can ’tile’ the machines on the screen by pressing a button if one slot is not enough for you.  In this case the Autoplay facility is clearly beneficial to save you from having to continually click between games.

So keep an eye out for slot machines with this useful feature, especially if you start playing more than one at a time or your clicking hand starts playing up – Autoplay is the way to go!


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