Bet Victor Virtual Tennis

bet victor tennis tabIf you’ve ever wondered what the attraction of tennis is then you’re almost certainly not alone; to many it can appear to be a sort of genteel hobby rather than a sporting clash but, nevertheless, it’s played and enjoyed by many, many people. Betting on tennis is something else we are not particularly familiar with but at least with Bet Victor’s Virtual Tennis there is no need to wait for the next tournament to come around – now you can bet on a constantly rotating set of matches at all hours of the day.

Navigate to the tennis by clicking the ‘Virtual Sports’ tab followed by the ‘Tennis’ tab to get things started. You will now see a screen showing a tennis match in play or a countdown until the next event. The graphics are computer generated and of a very high quality which look almost real. Matches start every four minutes between a range of players, all made up and some unpronounceable.

Virtual Tennis Betting

The first thing you will want to do is place one or more bets on the outcome of the match and you will see the various betting options underneath the display.

You can bet on the outright result, the correct score in the single match played and the total points played in the match. Just click on the odds you want and that bet will appear in the Betslip in the tool right hand corner. When you’re happy with your bets, click the ‘Place Bets Now’ button to kick things off.

bet victor tennis bet

You will now get to watch one game of tennis, complete with umpire scoring, crowd noises and action replays, after which you will be paid out if your bets were correct.


Virtual Tennis seems a bit more interesting than the real thing because it’s all over so much faster. It’s fun to watch and it’s fun to try and pick a winner – well worth checking out.

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