Bet Victor Virtual Speedway

virtual speedway buttonHave you ever though about betting on speedway? A better question might be to ask if you’ve ever even watched speedway; it’s not widely regarded as a popular sport even though there’s no doubt about it’s excitement value.

Anyway, now’s your chance to have a punt on the motorbikes any time of the day or night by visiting Bet Victor and navigating to the Virtual Sports section. The ‘Speedway’ tab will let you know how long there is to wait until the next race and there’s plenty of time to make a cup of tea and grab a biscuit in the nine minute gap.

Virtual Speedway Betting

Betting is the first thing you’ll want to get organised and you’ll be relieved to know that it’s not necessary to have any speedway knowledge to partake in proceedings.

There are four riders in each race and you can see them listed underneath the screen. The odds are listed to the right and underneath each rider is a little group of six numbers which is the form guide and corresponds to their recent race results. The odds are obviously related to the form so you don’t really need to pay much attention to those figures.

virtual speedway bet

You can only bet on the winner and each selected bet will be added to the Betslip in the top right hand corner. Click ‘Place bets Now’ when you’re ready to go.

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the action as four riders slide their way around a dirt track at high speed. The action only lasts a matter of seconds so make sure you’re concentrating on the action because it’s over pretty quickly.

Virtual Speedway is another very high quality graphical outing from Bet Victor with some particularly simple betting. It would help if the races were a little closer together but that’s our only gripe.

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