Bet Victor Virtual Cycling

virtual cycling1While Virtual Cycling may sound like the most pointless exercise method ever, it is in part of Bet Victor’s range of innovative betting options which you can access by clicking the ‘Virtual Sports’ tab on the main menu. You will now see the various virtual options so scroll to the right to find the ‘Cycling’ tab.

You will now find yourself in the cycling zone and here you can spend your days and your money betting on a never-ending succession of cycling events in a velodrome. There’s a lengthy nine minute gap between races so you can wander off and do something else in-between events.

Virtual Cycling Betting

While some velodrome events can be a bit bewildering, this one’s fine and it’s just a straight two and a half lap sprint from the moment when the pacemaking motorbike leaves the track.

You can see all the raiders for the next race lines up below the race screen and they are listed in odds order with the favourite at the top. Underneath each rider’s name are six figures which is a form guide from the last six races. This directly informs the odds so you don’t really have to pay too much attention to them.

To bet just click the odds tab next to your favoured rider; this will add your selection to the Betslip in the top right hand corner so when all bets have been placed, click ‘Place Bets Now’ to finalise that choice. Each way bets are also available for 1st and 2nd places.

Now relax and watch the race unfold; this is more exciting than some of the other virtual sports because the result is often in doubt until the very last second.

As with the other sports the graphics are excellent, incredibly life-like – check it out in the video below.

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