Roulette Rules

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Roulette is one of the simplest casino games to grasp and it’s popularity is probably a reflection of this. No in-depth knowledge is required by the casual player and so it’s possible to grab a drink, wander up to the table and place some chips on the betting surface.

At a bricks and mortar casino you will generally change your chips at the table where you will be provided with a colour individual to you. This makes it easier for the croupier to determine which chips belong to which player when winnings are paid out.

European Roulette Rules

europe-rouletteEuropean roulette tables have a single green zero and then the numbers 1 to 36. This provides a house edge of 2.70% if you are playing using the most efficient strategy.

Some European casinos also feature a version of roulette which tilts the odds a little further towards the player. It’s called ‘la partage‘ and if the player makes a 50/50 bet such as odd/even or red/black they will get half their stake back if the ball lands in zero. The player may also be offered the option of ‘en prison‘ which means the stake will be left on the table and then returned if the next spin wins. This reduces the house edge to a tasty 1.30%.

American Roulette Rules

us-roulette-wheelUS players get the muddy end of the stick when it comes to roulette; their tables generally feature a single zero and a double zero along with the numbers 1 – 36. This almost doubles the house edge to 5.26%.

However different rules can apply in various jurisdictions; for example Atlantic City applies something similar to ‘la partage‘ in which you will only lose half of any 50/50 bet if the ball lands in the single or double zero. This reduces the house edge to 2.63%, lower than a single zero table.

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