Monopoly On A Roll Slots Review

nonopoly on a roll slot review

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IGT produce a great range of online slots based on Monopoly, that famous board game in which players accumulate property with the aim of making everybody else bankrupt. We’ve reviewed a number of them in the past and they’ve all got something a little different to contribute to the genre. This one is less of a slot and more of an arcade game but it’s still worth checking out.

Monopoly On A Roll is essentially a cross between the actual board game and a bonus feature but of course it’s a bit more involved than that and we will endeavour to explain how it works.

The screenshot above demonstrates what will be in front of you when you load the game up; it’s a miniaturised versions of the board game with just sixteen spaces; there are eleven property spaces plus Chance, Go, Go To Jail, Just Visiting and Free Parking.

monopoly on a roll jailYour task in this game is to predict where the Monopoly piece will land when you roll the dice; there are two dice so you can travel up to twelve positions in one roll. Each property has an odds value attached to it which relates to the likelihood of landing there which in turn relates to the outcome of rolling a pair of dice.

So just place your bets by choosing a credit amount from the Monopoly money at the bottom and then click on your selected properties. Doubles will allow you to roll again and you will have to achieve that if you want to reach Water Works, Mayfair or Park Lane.

Bonus Features

Get Out Of Jail Bonus

Roll three doubles in a row and then get three more free throws to roll another one. A double on the first roll will win 5x your win, the second roll 3x and the third roll 2x.

Free Parking Bonus

If you land on the Free Parking space you will win a random percentage multiplier of your bet of between 10% and 300%.

Go Bonus

If you land on Go you will win 3x your total stake; any property wins after this will be subject to a 2x multiplier.


This is good fun and a worthy addition to IGT’s range of Monopoly games. There’s a theoretical return to the player of 95.06% but you will reduce this considerably if you bet unwisely.

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Game:Monopoly On A Roll
Bet Range:£1.00 - £140.00
Bonus Features:Yes
Free Spins:No
Base Game Jackpot:40x


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