Play Avalon II At Bet Victor For A £5000 Cash Prize

avalon II cash race

Avalon II was one of the most anticipated online slots of 2014; it’s from Microgaming and features some stunning graphics and compelling gameplay. It’s a sequel to Avalon and is obviously based on the legend go King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

While Avalon II is well worth checking out on it’s own, playing it at Bet Victor holds an extra attraction. If you can land five wilds on a horizontal row before anyone else manages this feat, the £5000 will be yours. The centre reel must be the Lady of the Lake expanding wild and the others regular wild.

If you can do this, take a screenshot, record the time and date and email the details to Bet Victor to lay claim to the prize. Click here to visit Bet Victor for more details.

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