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Casino Technology might just be one of tho biggest suppliers of gaming technology to the industry that you’ve never heard of. They have a track record dating back some 16 years along with a catalogue of online and offline products numbering in the hundreds.

This is a Bulgarian company headquartered in Sofia but with almost twenty other administrative locations scattered around the world. It began life in 1999 after receiving the appropriate licence from the Bulgarian Gaming Board and in the early years restricted it’s activities to physical gaming in Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic. From 2006 it become active in European countries and the USA with South and Central America following shortly afterwards.

Casino Technology has been one of the biggest proponents of multigame cabinets with it’s long-running Gamopolis and Tough Fighter series’ but it wasn’t until 2012 that it entered the world of online slots. In 2013 it entered into an agreement with Playtech to provide games to Playtech websites such as Titan Casino.

You can now access games from Casino Technology in more than 50 jurisdictions around the world and their online offerings number more than 250 with plenty more in the pipeline  according to the website.

Casino Technology slots seem a good fit with Playtech and there’s certain similarity in game design which will be recognisable to those familiar with that particular company. Big bold symbols tend to do away with the need for stylish backgrounds and a good example is The Pyramids Of Ramesses, a high quality release with a couple of bonus features and a progressive jackpot. You can see our list of reviewed games in the list below.

Casino Technology Slots

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