Net Entertainment Hooks Up With 888 And Ladbrokes

net entertainment logoIf you’re a regular visitor to this site then you’ll know that we are long time fans of Net Entertainment; the quality and creativity of their slots is arguably unmatched throughout the industry and so it’s good to know that they’re expanding their operations to make their slots and other casino games available to a wider audience.

Towards the end of July Net Ent announced an agreement with 888’s bingo and casino sites to launch their software over that casino’s mobile and desktop channels.  Bjorn Krantz, managing director of Net Ent Malta said that this is “a great day for 888’s players” and that the company was “extremely pleased to be live with 888“.

Just a matter of days later Krantz made the second announcement that Net Ent had agreed a partnership with Ladbrokes for a similar supply of online slots and other casino games across it’s mobile and desktop platforms.

This second agreement is arguably more significant than the first as it provides Net Ent with a solid foothold into the expanding UK market; the company has made no secret of it’s desire to grab a bigger share of this lucrative market and Krantz confirmed that the move was “in line with our strategic plan to build up a solid and long term business venture together with our UK partners“.

Of course you can already play the whole suite of Net Entertainment games at dedicated UK casino such as Harry Casino; Harry Casino markets itself as a purely British product represented by a bulldog and it uses that rarest of currencies, the British pound as it’s payment method.  Red, white and blue colours confirm that this is a venue for us islanders.

Still, it’s good to see Net Ent broadening it’s horizons and using agreements with other casinos to allow more players to experience it’s innovative products.


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