Microgaming Donates To Men In Sheds

Some men in a shed on the Isle of Man

Some men in a shed on the Isle of Man

Microgaming have developed and produced some of our favourites online slots over the years and they’re without doubt one of the longest running casino software companies around. There’s more strings to this company’s bow though and they’ve recently made a charitable donation to an organisation called Men In Sheds.

Men In Sheds may sound like some sort of joke organisation but it’s actually a very serious and useful one; it was originally an Australian notion but has since expanded and can now be found in a number of countries around the world.

The purpose of Men In Sheds is to provide workshop facilities for retired and semi-retired men; not only does it offer these facilities but it also of course provides a venue for men to socialise, brush up on their existing manual skills and perhaps learn new ones.  As the project has developed the sheds have also become men’s health resources.

Microgaming have made their donation to one ‘shed’ in particular and that’s in Port Erin on the Isle of Man, a place Microgaming are closely linked to as they are a member of the Manx eGaming Association and have their head office there.  This shed was established in 2011 and is largely focused on woodworking.

The donation is made through the Microgaming Health and Care Trust and this is also worth a quick explanation; the MHCT was originally established as the Microgaming Hospital Trust in 2002 to support local Isle of Man charities in general but changed it’s name in 2009.

Since the inception of the organisation more than £700,000 has been donated to various causes and these include Age Concern, the Arthritis Research Campaign and the Joey Dunlop Foundation, among more than fifty in total.

So when you’re spinning the reels on Western Frontier or Twisted Circus, just bear in mind that even if you lose, some of that money will be going to a good cause on the Isle of Man.



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