Lucky Punter Wins Two Casino Euro Jackpots For $7m

This story is a valuable lesson about why online slots with progressive jackpots can be real life-changers; some people just play slots for fun but some play in the hope that one day they’ll hit that massive payout.  Now from Casino Euro comes the astonishing news that one anonymous player has struck lucky twice within the space of 72 days.

The unnamed customer has been a player at the online casino for some time and was spinning the reels on Arabian Nights back at the end of May when she hit the Super Jackpot for €3.3 million.  Jump forward to the 7th August and the newly enriched lady was playing Mega Fortune when she hit the Mega Jackpot for an even bigger €3.7 million.

Net Entertainment, the developer of both games, has stated that the odds for the first win are 1 to 5.4 million while the odds for the second win are 1 to 1.4 million.  The odds for someone to win both jackpots contains too many zeros to write done.

So far we’ve avoided any reference to lightning striking the same place twice but this is indeed one lucky lady; she has stated that she’s a slots fan and will continue playing at Casino Euro as she appreciates the customer service she’s received there.  Commenting on her treatment she said:

When I won my first jackpot I got a phone call straight away to confirm it and to comfort me in my state of shock! I was assured that if I turned my computer off the money would still be there.

It’s an interesting reaction from a player who perhaps never really believed the money would be there even if she hit the jackpot but of course it is.  Casino Euro also showed that they know how to reassure their winning customers as soon as that big win comes in.

The lucky winner is now hoping that good luck occurs in threes and she’ll continue playing in the hope of yet another huge win.  This story is a excellent validation of Casino Euro’s credentials and even if we never hit the big time, it shows why it’s remains one of our favourite casinos.

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