Slots For US Players

Flag_map_of_Canada_and_United_States_(American_Flag)If you’re currently a resident of the land of the free then you’ll know how hard it’s been in recent years to indulge in a spot of harmless online gaming. It hasn’t always been like that of course and there was a time before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006 when American citizens were free to spend their money how they saw fit. Online gaming continued in fits and starts until 2011 when the chips really hit the fan and a number of online casino were shut down overnight in what became known as Black Friday.

Things are slowly improving now and a handful of US States have seen sense and introduced online gaming within their confines. At the same time there are still websites out there which are happy to accept US players and which do so entirely within the law.

We’ve spent plenty of time researching what’s available for American players and we can currently recommend one casino based on our criteria. We usually judge casinos based on bonuses available, range software, user experience and customer support and of course in this case we have added accessibility for US players.

The casino we have chosen is is Slots Of Fortune and it has everything we want from a top notch website – it looks good, has some great bonuses for new and existing players and a wide range of slots available, including it’s proprietary i-Slots which deliver a more immersive experience than than the standard games. Check our review out by clicking here or head straight there by clicking here to make your own mind up.

If you have any concerns about depositing or cashing out from Slots Of Fortune then there’s a 24 hour toll free helpline available t answer any questions you may have about the process or it’s legality. Live chat is also available if that’s you’re preferred contact method.