Slots Strategy & Tips

slots reelsIn this article we’re going to try offer you one or two pieces of advice that may be worth remembering when playing online slots.  There are plenty of websites out there that will tempt you with the ‘winning secrets’ of our favourite machines but in reality there are no foolproof tips or strategies which will guarantee you a profit.

Some years ago this article could easily have been written about slots, fruit machines and pokies in bricks and mortar establishments and frankly the advice would have been the same then.  Anecdotal stories abounded about the fruit machines in the corners of pubs and chip shops and how a long losing run would eventually be followed by big win.

Maybe one of your mates told you about the time he watched someone feed £20 into a machine with no success then waltzed over with a 20p stake and won the jackpot.  He may well have done but it was only coincidental and unlikely to be repeated.

There are also numerous dodgy/illegal methods of messing with a real life fruit machine; one well known one was to obtain a worthless foreign coins the same size as a UK pound coin to confuse the machine.

Back to the online slots though and obviously the method above and all others which involve physically molesting the machine are just not possible.  So where does this leave us?  In a situation where it is just not possible to use any types of tricks or scams to win more money.
einstein quoteAll the casinos we feature use a Random Number Generator as the basis for all their luck-related games.These software systems are regulated and externally checked and they are 100% random.  This means that whatever sequences you think you may be seeing do not have any reflection on what is going to happen next.  If you’ve just put £20 electronic pounds into your favourite slot machine without success, there’s no guarantee adding more money will result in a big win.

Here’s a few common sense tips:

Check the Payout Percentage – this is the percentage of the money the machine takes which is guaranteed back to the player (that player may not be you).  A slot which has a returns percentage of 97% is 2% better than one which pays 95%.  Most casinos make this information available on their site somewhere so keep an eye out.

Don’t Flog A Dead Horse – as we’ve stated above, there’s no logical reason why a machine using a random number generator is going to pay out after a run of taking your money.  The chance of a win is just the same as when you started playing.

Know When To Walk Away – this happens to all of us whether playing slots, poker, blackjack or multiplayer Battlefield 3.  Stop playing when your frustration at your failure to win is beginning to get the better of you; make a cup of tea, go for a walk, go to the pub – just step back from the spinning slots and take a break.


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