Online Slots Tournaments

Regular slots players will almost certainly be aware of online slots tournaments and these competitions are becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the online casino industry.  Connectivity and competition are the driving forces behind these tournaments and they result from the desire not just to play slots, but to play slots against each other.

Of course progressive jackpots mean those players are competing against each other in a different sense anyway but slots tournaments offer a little variety.  Players in these competitions are trying to outdo each other over a specific amount of time but the conditions necessary to win can very, depending on the casino. You will also be playing specific games as decided by the casino.

Below are some of the ways to win online slots tournaments:

Percentage Win

This tends to encompass high and low rollers because the winner will be the player who has gained the best percentage return on specific games over a specific amount of time.  Percentages of course do not depend the amount spent.  This is also known as an equalised payout.

Percentage Win Over ‘X’ Rounds

Here, ‘X’ is a certain number of spins played in succession and, like the percentage win, it’s suitable for low rollers as the winner is the one with the best winning percentage, rather than the highest cash amount.

Highest Win Over ‘X’ Rounds

Easy to calculate – the winner is the player with the best cash return over a predetermined number of spins.  If several slots are available to play, the number of rounds can be split between those games.

Game Win

Nice and simple, the winner is the player with the highest cash return over the time given.  The total amount wagered is subtracted from the total won to calculate the result.

It’s worth noting that although the percentage methods are suitable for low rollers, playing these tournaments with one payline and at £0.01 stakes may be regarded as unsportsmanlike and the casinos generally reserve the right to boot you out of the tournament for this sort of discretion