Meta Games Universal

Meta Games Universal is a software development company based in London’s Silicon Roundabout area and although they’ve been active behind the scenes since 2007, from 2018 we started to see games branded with the MetaGU logo at online casinos.

MetaGU was founded in 2007 by Owen Cullum and Tobias Selwood, both senior employees at Cyberview Technology, a software and security company based in Canada.

This company specialises in casino games and related technology which sounds like a broad brush but they can back it up having previously worked in the background with well-known outfits such as IGT, Fremantle Gaming, Inspired Gaming and Openbet. If you’ve spun the reels at an online casino in the UK you’ll almost certainly have experienced MetaGU’s work.

As well as producing high quality casino games, MetaGU uses the patented Cargo game generation system which is a clever piece of tech designed to lower costs and speed up production by allowing developers to use any code and to create games using a graphical interface. MetaGU say this reduces the time-to-market for a new product by about 65%. Cargo also allows easy development of games for mobile devices.

As far as online slots go, MetaGU has already used its years of design experience to create some superb slots and we’ll add them to the list below as we review them.

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