Loyalty Bonus

loyalty bonusThere are a number of factors to consider when picking an online casino and they divide roughly into two camps – the content of the casino and the inducements offered to join that particular one.  The content might be usability, the range of slots available and where the site is regulated while the inducements are the financial rewards offered to tempt you to join that site.

In this article we’re going to discuss the Loyalty Bonus, sometimes known as the VIP bonus, and how you can benefit from it.  Once you’ve jined a casino and grabbed your New Player Bonus there’s nothing to the stop you from heading over to another venue and doing exactly the same thing again.  The online casino industry is ferociously competitive and each site needs something to persuade customers to keep playing.

Loyalty Bonuses are what the websites offer to persuade you to stay and play and they can come in a number of guises;  perhaps the most basic and increasingly common reward is to be given a percentage bonus on your first deposit of each week or month following your sign up.  It won’t be as generous as the New Player rewards but it’s not to be sniffed at.  Why go through the hassle of joining another venue when you can earn a new bonus every month?  At least that’s the way the casino sees it.

The longer established motivation for staying at one casino will be the loyalty scheme; many casinos refer to it as a VIP club or something similar and it is essentially a way for customers to collect points related to the amount of money they wager.  As soon as you start betting you will start to gain points and these may accumulate over the course of a month or accrue over longer periods of time.

The rewards for collecting these points vary from one casino to another but the following list is an example:

  • Free entry to poker tournaments
  • Free branded merchandise
  • Free slots spins
  • Cash rewards

If you remain at the casino for a decent length of time or if you are something of a high roller you may find yourself a VIP at a higher level.  Now benefits can include a personal account manager, entry to invitation only poker competitions and the like.


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