Live Roulette Casino Mobile


If you’re reading this review on a mobile device then you probably know that you not alone; the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in recent years has resulted in a determined effort by software developers to make their online slot machines available to all, regardless of device.

All of our recommended casinos have dedicated mobile sites but they tend to differ from the desktop versions; Mr Smith Casino, the previous incarnation of Live Roulette Casino was the first we’d seen to have identical sites which means that the desktop site looks exactly the same as the small screen version. Mobile sites by necessity lend themselves to simplicity and it’s easy to see how the desktop version has been influenced by the need to remove any unnecessary screen clutter.

Back to the mobile version though and when you load it up it will of course be familiar if you’ve been using the full version; the thin menu tab at the top of the screen contains options to register or login as well as a menu icon in the top left hand corner which leads to customer support and bonus information. There’s also a search box available if you want to get straight to your favourite game.

Underneath you can head straight to ‘Live’ (the casino games), ‘Vegas’ (the all-important slots area) and ‘Promotions’ to check out the free stuff. Once you’re in the Vegas zone just scroll up and down to locate a tempting slot machine or use the menu button in the top left hand corner to search for the one you’re looking for.

Not everyone likes change of course but if you’ve ported across from Mr Smith Casino you’ll have no problems getting to grips with the new mobile site.