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Jackpot City Casino can rightly lay claim to being one of the oldest online casinos around; it can trace it’s history all the way back to 1998 and a website needs to be doing something right to ensure that longevity.

Jackpot City is also the place we return to when looking for Microgaming’s latest releases; hundreds of this company’s online slots are featured on the site and it’s always the first place to look for the latest Microgaming releases.

But this article is about Jackpot City’s mobile gaming site and it’s probably fair to say that mobile is the future of online gaming.  Since the introduction of the Apple iPhone in 2007 the leap forward in smartphone technology has enabled developers to bring desktop-quality games to portable devices.  The subsequent introduction of the iPad and competing tablets added yet another dimension to the industry and conservative estimates suggest that around 50% of all gaming is now via mobile devices.

Jackpot City’s mobile site is another example of this company’s successful design policy and it differs slightly from the offerings from some other online casinos.  You can reach the mobile version simply by visiting the site on your device – iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, whatever – and the slots are right in front of you when you load up the site.  You can see which ones have progressive jackpots as the cash ticker ticks relentlessly upwards as you watch.  Just scroll down a little to see all the available slots.

The ‘Promotions’ button in the top right hand corner will let you login and then view the various rewards available; the menu bar at the bottom offers all the other options you need from a mobile site – banking options, help and support and a quick link to your account.

It’s a very simple setup designed for ease of use on the smaller screen and it works really well; the nice big game icons make it easy to quickly select the game of your choice, however small the screen.



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