High Roller Bonus

high roller girlWhen it comes to picking an online casino to join there of course a number things to take into account; these range from practical considerations such as the reputation of the casino, the range of slot machines available and the usability of the site all the way through to the type of bonuses the casino is offering you as an inducement to join.

Elsewhere on this site we’ve explained in depth about the more traditional rewards available to new and existing players and in this article we’ll continue that guide and check out the High Roller Bonus.  Of course a bonus such as this is not available to everyone for obvious reasons and it’s also not a specific type of bonus.  We don’t all have hundreds of thousands of pounds or euros to splash on slot machines or poker games but it is those can afford these wagers that will benefit from this VIP treatment.

It’s not a specific type of bonus because each casino will offer something different to those high rollers wanting to deposit a lot of money.  To begin with, some casinos may offer a larger percentage bonus for an extra large deposit.  That type of reward will be the initial attraction but once you’ve deposited your hefty sum you can then look forward to the sort of rarefied treatment that us mere mortals can only dream of.

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All casinos have their VIP schemes but the standard ones for us low rollers are not the ones available for the big spenders.  Those customers are particularly valuable to the casino and they are keen to keep them onside.  This means that a high roller may well get a personal account manager as a first point of contact; other inducements could include include invitational entries to high stakes poker and blackjack games, guaranteed entry into particular tournaments, free gifts and the like.  Some online casinos may also organise poker and blackjack tournaments at bricks and mortar venues for the big spenders.

So the high roller bonus describes a range of rewards available for those with deep pockets.  Even if you don’t qualify for those bonuses now it gives us all something to aim for; keep playing the slots and maybe that progressive jackpot will come up trumps for you and the life of a high roller will be within your grasp.

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