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electrocoinElectrocoin is one of those games manufacturers which should be immediately recognisable to anyone who has frequented the idiosyncratic British amusement arcades over the past forty years or so. Walk into one of these establishments now and you’ll see plenty of machines of all types developed by Electrocoin – it’s been this way since the late 1970s and hopefully that tradition will continue into the future.

Electrocoin was established back in 1976 when the earliest video games were being commercialised for use in public places. The full title of the company is Electrocoin Automatics Limited and while the head office was (and remains) in London, manufacturing took place in Cardiff.

As well as an impressive history in the development of video games, Electrocoin makes pinball machines, prize games (such as the dangling claw-type games) and of course slot machines. In the UK they are formally referred to as AWP machines which stands for Amusement with Prizes but we know them better as fruit machines. Electrocoin are particularly famous for their Bar X slots; this is a range of classic slots which dates back some 30 years and have been enduringly popular during that time. The physical machines are known for their durability and the highly-regarded Electrocoin After Sales section still support the first generation of these games. That’s right – that Bar X machine in the corner of the arcade could be older than you!

We are particularly happy to note that several Bar-X games are now available to play online at 888 Casino. Bar-X 125 is well worth checking out if you unfamiliar with this family of games. It’s simple but it looks good and it’s a strangely addictive classic slot which will keep you playing.

The Bar-X range are currently the only slots to have made the conversion from the physical to the digital form but we hope to see more soon.

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