Cheques & eCheques

When you first pick an online casino there are a number of characteristics you need to consider before ticking all the boxes and depositing some money.  The obvious things are the range of games available, ease of use of the website and the size of the bonuses available but you’ll also need to consider how to deposit money at that venue.

For most people this is not a problem; we break out the credit or debit card, fill in the appropriate details and away we go.  But certain methods do not suit everyone and for this reason online casinos provide a number of methods to facilitate the transfer of funds.  In this article we are going to have look at cheques and eCheques (perhaps spelt as checks and eChecks) in your location.

Cheques (Checks)

cheque book Payment by physical paper cheques has fallen somewhat out of fashion in recent years; credit and debit cards have replaced them as the payment methods of choice but there are those who still prefer to move money around in this way.

There are still a couple of advantages to a good old paper cheque – firstly it’s secure because only the person named on the cheque can cash it and secondly, because it takes so long to process the payment, a customer can issue a cheque before the funds are in his or her account.  Of course if you do this you must make sure the funds will be there in good time to cover the payment or you will incur bank charges.

The disadvantage is of course the length of time it takes to process the payment; it will take at least one working day plus the length of time it takes to send the cheque to it’s destination.  If you’re in a hurry to spin the slots then this method may not be for you.

eCheques (eChecks)

If you thought that an eCheque would be similar to a paper cheque then you would be correct.  If you do not have a credit or debit card your bank may be able to issue an eCheque as a promise of payment.  The disadvantages are that eCheques can take days to clear and they can incur a transaction fee; you may also find that not all casinos are willing to accept them.

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