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There are plenty of different factors which draw players to particular websites; an excellent user interface, a trustworthy reputation and of course the size of the bonuses among other things.  Something else that’s more important than ever nowadays is the quality of the mobile site the online casino provides.

Estimates vary somewhat but conservative statistics suggest that around 50% of all visits to online casinos are now through a mobile device.  This phenomenon dates back to 2007 and the introduction of Apple’s iPhone; a big, high quality touchscreen and some decent processing power meant that software developers were suddenly able to produce console-like games albeit on s smaller scale.

Where games developers blazed the trail, online casinos were not far behind and it was soon possible to spin the online slots reels, play poker, blackjack or your game of choice on your mobile device.  The advent of the Android operating system from Google in 2008 added some competition to the expanding smartphone market and when the tablet industry kicked off with Apple’s iPad in 2010 it became clear that mobile casinos were here to stay.

Casino Euro’s mobile site is a well-designed example of how a desktop site can be transferred to the small screen; just visit the normal site while on your smartphone and tablet and it will load up automatically.

You’ll be presented with a small slider at the top of the screen showcasing the latest games underneath which is a list of the current four most popular games.  That’s just for starters and a bit lower down you’ll find a link to every game available on the mobile site (slots and non-slots) and further on there’s a list of each game divided up into categories, so Video Slots is at the top followed by Slots, Table Games, Video Pokers and Other Games.

At the bottom right of the screen you’ll see the Login button and the the Menu button; the menu gives you easy access to all those facets of the site you may like to access such as customer support and deposit options.


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