Bally Wulff

Established as long ago as 1950 by Gunter Wulff and then called Gunter Wulff Apparatebeu, Bally Wulff is a German company perhaps most widely known for it’s physical gaming machines provided to casinos and other establishments rather than their online slots.

Bally Wulff built their reputation with revolutionary games such as the Rotomat Joker in 1963 and the Rotomat Monarch in 1972 and it was also in that year that the American company Bally Manufacturing Corporation bought the organisation.

Bally Wulff introduced their first electronic device 1980 – the Rototron Atlas – and it was in this year also that Gunter Wulff passed away. During the 1980s the company branched out into areas such as health clubs and the development of fitness machines but it wasn’t until the end of the decade that we saw the first device reminiscent of a slot machine which paid out money – the Stratego. This was follows shortly afterwards by the very popular Rototron King.

In 1991 Bally Wulff split from the Bally Group but continued it’s development of slot machines for the European market and the following year introduced karaoke machines into Germany for the first time. By this time the company were also manufacturing billiard tables and American darts equipment, along with pinball machines and virtual reality equipment. Just before the end of the 1990s Bally Wulff began exporting slot machines to the large Spanish market.

In 2007 the company was acquired by the Schmidt Group but continued it’s development of new technologies such as multigame systems, celebrating it’s 60th birthday in 2010. These recent events have taken place against a backdrop of online slots development and you can read our reviews of Bally Wulff games below.

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