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Our specially designed tool is the ideal way to find the online slot you want to play at the casino which offers you the best bonus.  We have hundreds of slots in our database so there’s a game for everyone and a casino to suit every budget.

There’s no other tool like this as far as we are aware and it’s very simple to use – there are just four easy questions to answer and in seconds you’ll be at the online casino best suited to your needs.

To start with you can pick the genre of the slot – sports, fantasy, sci-fi, whatever you like; the next question asks whether you would like to play with a fixed jackpot or a progressive jackpot.  The third question asks whether you would prefer bonus features such as free spins and mini-games or just standard game play.  Lastly, but no less importantly, tell the slot finder how much money you want to deposit (if any) and wait for the results!  Easy.

We should also point out that the mobile versions of the casinos feature fewer slots so if you’re accessing the slot finder from a mobile device the results may not be completely accurate.


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