Poker Wiki

Leonard Cohen once called poker the ‘holy game’ and while it’s a bit difficult to substantiate a statement such as that there’s no doubt that it dominates home and casino card games. Games such as Texas Hold’em have become wildly popular online and offline in the past couple of decades and why not? They’re accessible, easy to learn and fortunes can be made.

This is our information page dedicated to poker which we call a poker wiki; each term, archaic or not, is briefly explained in alphabetical order so browse the list to get your fix of card gaming terminology.



AntesA small bet placed by all players before the deal.
Big BlindA forced bet by the player two places to the left of the dealer, twice the size of the small blind.
Bring-InA mandatory bet placed in some Stud Poker games.
Burn CardsA card discarded before the flop, turn and river to avoid cheating.
Buy-InThe cost to enter a poker game or tournament.
CheckPassing on a bet if there is no requirement to call.
Community Card PokerA number of cards on the table are shared between all players.
Draw PokerCards can be discarded and replaced to create a stronger hand.
Face-up CardsCards visible to all players.
Face-down CardsCards visible only to the player concerned.
FlopThe first of three community card deals.
FlushA hand containing cards of the same suit.
FoldDiscarding one's cards and leaving the hand.
Four Of A KindA hand containing four cards of the same rank.
FreerollA game played (usually) for a prize but with no buy-in.
Full HouseA hand containing three cards of one rank and two of another.
High CardA hand whose only strength is it's highest card.
Hole CardsThe initial cards dealt to a player.
PairTwo cards of the same rank.
RaiseTo increase the bet level already set by a previous player.
Royal FlushA hand containing 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit. It's the strongest hand according to standard poker rankings.
RiverThe final community card deal.
ShowdownThe comparison of any hands remaining in the game.
Small BlindA forced bet by the player to the left of the dealer, half the size of the big blind.
StraightA hand containing five consecutive cards of any suit.
Straight FlushA hand containing five consecutive cards of the same suit.
Stud PokerPlayers receive face-up and face-down cards; there is no draw and no community cards.
Three Of A KindThree cards of the same rank.
TurnThe second community card deal.
Two PairA hand containing two sets of pairs.