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It’s red, it’s white and it’s blue; it features a British bulldog and the colours of the flag of Great Britain and it’s unashamedly targeted directly towards the UK market.  It’s definitely a favourites of ours at the moment; we like the fact that the currency has the good old pound sign next to it meaning you can avoid those mental currency conversions from euros or dollars into sterling.  Harry is also a good old British name, even one of the heirs to the throne has it!

The purpose of this article though is to talk about the bonus codes available at Harry Casino; first of all we should explain what these are.  A bonus code is a temporary code which can be used at online casinos to grab something extra; that extra might be a cash bonus, free spins on a slot machine or perhaps free entry into a poker tournament.

Of course bonus codes aren’t restricted to online casinos and online retailers offer this type of marketing tool all the time; they may also be referred to as voucher codes, coupons or something similar and will probably offer a discount to a purchaser.  Once a certain number have been used they usually become useless.

Companies offer these codes as a way to attract new customers to their brands and it’s a tool that works – after all who doesn’t want a discount on a new item or some free spins on an online slot?

Harry Casino is no different in this respect and they regularly offer bonus codes for new sign-ups to their casino.  Not all casinos do this and it’s a mark of one that keeps ahead of the game.



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