Casumo Casino Adventure

Casumo is an online casino which treats all it’s customers the same in terms of VIP treatment – you don’t need to be a high roller to get the best rewards here because there’s just one scheme on offer and it’s the casino adventure.

In some ways the casino adventure could be viewed as a loyalty scheme but really it’s much more than that and it’s more fun into the bargain – this is how it works.

How It Works

casumo characterWhen you first sign up you will notice a little character on your account page; the belt he wears represents your progress in this adventure and you will gradually achieve white, yellow, red, blue, purple and black belts.

Progress through the various belts is achieved by regular play and as you level up you will be rewarded with ‘valuables’ and ‘trophies’. These are stored on your account page along with your character.


These are earned by performing specified tasks and regular play and if you the sociable type they can be shown off to other players.


Valuables are things like free spins and deposit bonuses and they are also collected on your account page. When you want to use them just click on them or hover over the item if you want to see it in more detail.

Casumo Challenges

Casumo Challenges are time-limited tournaments which take place at this casino and reward players for completing certain tasks within a set amount of time. These might be as easy as completing a certain number of spins or a little trickier such as a specified number of Mega Wins.

Reel Races

Reel Races are slots competitions which award points for collecting wins, Big Wins, Mega Wins and the like in a set amount of time. The winning players will be the ones with the highest points total  when the timer runs out.