3D Slots

If you’re a regular player at one of our recommended online casinos then you may well have spotted the term ‘3D slots’ dotted around some of the pages. It remains to be seen whether this type of game will ever catch on in a big way with players but it’s worth having a closer look at this technological advance.

By now most people will have experienced 3D movies at the cinema or perhaps you even have a 3D television to watch the footie on; 3D Slots are designed to give a similar immersive feel and the aim is to make the player feel as if they part of the action, rather than just an onlooker.

At this point it’s fair to say that we are in the early days of 3D slots and so the experience you will have playing Sterling Silver 3D for example does not really compare to seeing the latest multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster at the cinema. It’s a much more basic affair and at this stage of the development lifecycle we would say it’s definitely more of a gimmick than a genuinely entertaining advantage. Of course there are those who say the same about this feature on the big screen but that’s a different argument.

Sterling Silver 2D symbol

Sterling Silver 2D

Sterling Silver 3D symbol

Sterling Silver 3D

Let’s have a quick look at the aforementioned Sterling Silver 3D then and this is a Microgaming slot available to play at Jackpot City Casino. Load it up and you will instantly see that the default setting is to start in 3D – each symbol and aspect of the game has a red shadow behind it. You will need a pair of the older red/blue glasses to make the most of the 3D effects but some casinos will supply these to you of you ask them.

Now you are in a genuinely 3D world where the symbols float in front of the screen and you can almost feel as though you part of the action. Sterling Silver is a pretty good slot in 2D as well so if don’t have pair of the correct glasses in your possession, just click the 2D button in the top right hand corner for some standard gameplay.

We should also point out that some games which claim to be 3D are actually just graphically advanced with lots of character animation on the screen – these are certainly fun and at the cutting edge but they’re not truly 3 dimensional.